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No parent plans to be an autism activist, it just happens. In my case, watching my middle son disappear after too many vaccines and rounds of antibiotics spurred me into action. You won't make a lot of friends at the CDC or the American Academy of Pediatrics saying the things I say publicly, but I really don't care. The majority of autism parents agree with me: Something about our shot schedule is sending our kids into autism. I'm proud to play a small role in helping children recover, and, hopefully, sooner than later, I can help put an end to this man-made madness. Below is a collection of TV appearances, articles, and websites you might find interesting.

jb handley

TV Appearances

the doctors
The Doctors
This interview speaks for itself. Dr. Travis Stork's reaction is very typical of the treatment parents receive whenever they challenge doctors. Part 1 | Part 2
cnn newsroom
CNN Newsroom
I was honored to have the chance to defend Dr. Andrew Wakefield on CNN. CNN Newsroom (1 video)

National Print Ads
Often times, it's hard to get the mainstream media to listen because pharmaceutical companies are the #1 buyers of advertising in the world. Below are some of our ads.

"Are we over-vaccinating our kids?"
September 25, 2007, The Oregonian & The Orange County Register

"Autism and mercury poisoning: not a coincidence"
June 8, 2005, New York Times

"Autism is preventable and reversible"
May 24, 2005, USA Today

Articles and Editorials

Age of Autism Blog
I'm grateful to the Editors at the Age of Autism for giving our community a blog we can all be proud of. I have written many things at Age of Autism, below are some of my favorites:

Organizations, Websites, and a Documentary

Generation Rescue

Generation Rescue
Co-Founder & Director
Jenny McCarthy's international autism organization

Autism Yesterday

Autism Yesterday
Executive Producer
30-minute documentary exploring recovery from autism.

Age of Autism

Age of Autism Blog
Co-Founder & Contributor
Autism community's most widely-read daily blog.

14 Studies
Author, Creator
Website dedicated to the scientific truth about vaccines and autism.


PBS Frontline: JB Handley Interview

Bloomington Alternative Part 1: JB Handley, "It's unequivocal, vaccines hurt some kids"

Bloomington Alternative Part 2: JB Handley, "Tobacco science in its early phase"

Willamette Week: Curing Jamie Handley